Handling Externally Managed Environment Error With Pip in Ubuntu 23.10

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 23.10. Things are mostly smooth. However, recently I encountered an issue that was not present in the previous version. I was trying to install a package using Pip, a command line based Python package manager. It works great usually but it threw an error this time: error: externally-managed-environment Here's the […]

FOSS Weekly #23.20: risiOS Distro, Plasma 6, Distrohopping, FOSSverse and More

FOSSverse? What's that? It's basically the idea of unifying all things It's FOSS with a single member account. When logged in to It's FOSS, you can automatically log in to the comment section with the same profile. That was the first part. The same member account is now valid on the It's FOSS Community. You […]

Beginner's Guide to System Updates in Linux Mint

Keeping your system updated is essential for any operating system. Linux Mint is no different. Linux Mint has a robust update system. It provides timely security patches for the kernel and other software packages. That's not it. You also get updates on the applications you installed using the Software Manager tool. Basically, apart from security […]

Rust Basics Series #8: Write the Milestone Rust Program

So long, we have covered a handful of fundamental topics about programming in Rust. Some of these topics are variables, mutability, constants, data types, functions, if-else statements and loops. In the final chapter of the Rust Basics series, let us now write a program in Rust that uses these topics so their real-world use can […]

FOSS Weekly #23.19: New Zinc Distro, Terminal Fonts, Tux Story and More

A few readers have notified me that they end up with Cloudflare errors while visiting It's FOSS webpages on Google Chrome. I have investigated the issue and cleaned up the cache. Nothing conclusive was found. So, I doubled up the CPU strength to 8-core. This should guard against a sudden influx of traffic which increases […]

10 Beautiful Fonts for Your Linux Terminal

Picking the perfect font is crucial for many things, whether you are a programmer, system administrator, or a Linux user fond of the terminal. Changing the terminal font helps you achieve the following: An aesthetically pleasing look of your terminal Enhances readability Reduces eye strain Sounds good. But how can you choose the perfect font? […]

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