How to Install the Latest Erlang on Ubuntu Linux

Erlang is a functional programming language for building massive scalable real-time systems. Originally created by Ericsson as a proprietary software, Erlang was later open sourced. Erlang is available in the Universe repository of Ubuntu. With that repository enabled, you can easily install it using the following command: sudo apt install erlang However, the Erlang version […]

Check Your Disk Usage Using ‘duf’ Terminal Tool [Friendly Alternative to du and df commands]

Brief: duf is a terminal tool meant as an enhancement to the traditional “df” and “du” Linux commands. It lets you easily check for free disk space, sort the output, and present it in a user-friendly manner. duf: A Cross-Platform disk usage utility written in Golang Before I knew about this utility, I preferred using […]

ESPlot: Open Source Software for Plotting Real-Time, High-Speed Signals For Embedded Systems

Confronted with the need of plotting high-speed (or high number of data) signals, typically for embedded systems applications and real-time, research engineers at the Saarland University, Germany have developed their own software called ESPlot. ESPlot communicates with microcontroller boards over a custom serial protocol. In applications where the microcontroller is executing a real-time process, signals […]

Not Comfortable Using youtube-dl in Terminal? Use These GUI Apps

If you’ve been following us, you probably already know that youtube-dl project was taken down temporarily by GitHub to comply with a request. Considering that it’s now restored and completely accessible, it is safe to say that it not an illegal tool out there. It is a very useful command-line tool that lets you download […]

Starship: Open-Source Customizable Prompt for Any Shell

Brief: A cross-shell prompt that makes it easy to customize and configure the Linux terminal prompt, if you care too much about the looks of your terminal. While I’ve already covered a few tips to help you customize the looks of your terminal, I also came across suggestions for an interesting cross-shell prompt. Starship: Tweak […]

7 Ways to Customize Cinnamon Desktop in Linux [Beginner’s Guide]

Linux Mint is one the best Linux distributions for beginners. Especially Windows users that want to switch to Linux, will find its flagship Cinnamon desktop environment very familiar. Cinnamon gives a traditional desktop experience and many users like it as it is. It doesn’t mean you have to content with what it provides. Cinnamon provides […]

What is PPA Purge? How to Use it in Ubuntu and other Debian-based Distributions?

PPA is a popular method of installing additional applications or newer versions of a software in Ubuntu. I have written a detailed guide on PPA so I will just quickly recall it here. PPA is a mechanism developed by Ubuntu to enable developers to provide their own repositories. When you add a PPA, you add […]

Meet Plots: A Mathematical Graph Plotting App for Linux Desktop

Plots is a graph plotting application that makes it easy to visualize mathematical formulae. You can use it for trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential and logarithmic functions along with arbitrary sums and products. Plot mathematical graphs with Plots on Linux Plots is a simple application inspired by graph plotting web apps like Desmos. It allows you to […]