Fixing Cannot add PPA: ''This PPA does not support jammy'' Error

So, here's the scenario. You are trying to install a software in Ubuntu using a PPA. You add the PPA repository with 'sudo add-apt-repository' and when it updates the package cache, it generates an error: Cannot add PPA: ''This PPA does not support xyz'' Where XYZ is the codename of the Ubuntu version you are […]

Install VirtualBox on Windows [So that You Can Run Linux VM]

VirtualBox is one of the best virtualization software out there. If you want to install Linux on Windows in a virtual machine using VirtualBox, the first step is to install the VirtualBox application itself. We have covered a tutorial to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu. Let me highlight the steps for a Windows system. The steps […]

FOSS Weekly #23.37: Unique Browsers, LibreOffice Tricks, Linux Malware and More

Not sure if you have noticed already, there is a 'resources' section at the lower half of the It's FOSS homepage. It features some of the tutorial series and detailed guides that you might not have found otherwise. I have also added a 'Resources' link in the top menu so you can access them from […]

Change Configuration of Existing VirtualBox Virtual Machines

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual machine is that you can always configure it later after creating it. The configuration may include: Adjusting disk size Allocating more RAM or CPU Tweaking display options Mounting a new disc Changing the connected network Connecting/Disconnected peripherals/devices from host Adding a shared folder Of course, depending on […]

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