Watch Live TV on Linux With Hypnotix: A New IPTV Application Being Developed by Linux Mint Team

The rise of streaming services like Netflix made people speculate about the dim future of TV channels. While the newer generation might not watch TV anymore, TV channels are not out of fashion, yet. Many streaming services like Hulu and Hotstar include TV channels in their offering. TV channels are also utilizing live streaming to […]

How to Add Third-Party Repositories in Fedora and Get Access to a Huge Number of Additional Software

After you install Fedora, you may discover that some of the software that you want to install and use is not available in the software store. These packages may not be in the Fedora repos for several reasons. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to make them available by adding third party repos for Fedora. […]

Zotero: An Open Source App to Help You Collect & Share Research

Brief: Zotero is an impressive free and open-source app that lets you collect, organize, cite, and share research. You can also instantly create references and bibliographies for your documents with Zotero. Usually, you can use any note taking app on Linux to collect and share your ideas. But, here, I want to share something tailored […]

Up to 65% Off on All Linux Foundation Training & Certification [Cyber Monday Sale]

The Linux Foundation is offering all beginner and advanced training and certification bundle at a discount of up to 65% off. You have a better career prospect as a certified Linux professional. Linux Foundation is the official organization behind Linux project and the employer of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Their main motto is to maintain […]

How to Go Full Dark Mode With LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free and open-source cross-platform office productivity software. If you’re not making the most of it, the LibreOffice Tips article is a must-read. Dark theme is getting popular even among non-programmers. It is less stressing on the eyes specially for extended use of the screen. Some people believe that it makes the texts […]

Customize Task Switching Experience on GNOME Desktop With These Nifty Tools

Unless you’re new to Linux, you know that there are several popular desktop environment choices for users. And if you’re that newbie, I recommend you to learn what a desktop environment is along with this tutorial. Here, I shall be focusing on tweaking the task switching experience on GNOME. I know that the majority of […]

Compare Files and Folders Graphically in Linux With Meld

How do you compare two similar files to check for differences? The obvious answer is to use the diff command in Linux. The problem is that not everyone would be comfortable comparing files in Linux terminal. And the diff command output could be confusing for some. Take this diff command output for example: There is […]

How to Save the Output of a Command to a File in Linux Terminal [Beginner’s Tip]

When you run a command or script in the Linux terminal, it prints the output on the screen for your immediate viewing. There will be times when you need to save the output to a file for future references. Now, you can surely copy and paste in Linux terminal but there are better ways to […]

How to Increase Disk Size of Your Existing Virtual Machines in VirtualBox

Here’s the scenario you may come across sooner or later. You installed one or more operating systems in VirtualBox. While creating those virtual operating systems, you also created virtual hard disks for them in VirtualBox. You specified the maximum size of the virtual disk to say 15 or 20 GB but now after using it […]

LazPaint: A Free & Open Source Paint.NET Alternative

Brief: LazPaint is an open-source Paint.NET alternative with cross-platform support. It is a lightweight program with a bunch of essential options to edit images quickly. Here’s an overview of LazPaint. LazPaint: Open Source Paint.NET Alternative for Linux If you are fond of using tools to quickly edit and manipulate images and screenshots, you may have […]