SUSE is Offering Free Enterprise Linux Support For Medical Device Manufacturers

Brief: SUSE is offering free support for its Linux Enterprise Server and container and cloud technologies to any organization building medical devices to fight the Coronavirus.

SUSE is one of the biggest open-source software companies. The SUSE Linux operating system for enterprise users is their primary offering. In addition to that, they also provide container technologies.

Amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, there’s a lot of things happening across the globe that keeps us worried. In times like this, SUSE’s latest commitment to fight COVID-19 is positive news!

SUSE to help combat Coronavirus with free IT infrastructure support

Suse Cronaavirus

SUSE’s CEO Melissa Di Donato shared the details of their initiative to support the fight against coronavirus.

In a nutshell, SUSE will be offering free enterprise Linux support to organizations or manufacturers working with medical devices to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The press release mentions the details for what they plan to achieve with their initiative:

“We are determined to help others as much as we can, doing what we do best. We have cutting-edge open source technology and know-how that can help others in the fight to save lives, and we will share it immediately and without charge. Our customers, partners and communities know of and share our commitment to making a difference – and that extends to our neighbors and fellow human beings around the world.”

The SUSE Embedded Linux is a good choice for medical devices with a minimal footprint. And, free enterprise-grade support to facilitate the use of SUSE Enterprise Linux for medical devices is the need of the hour.

Not just limited to the operating system and its maintenance, there’s more to what SUSE is offering:

Container technologies from SUSE include SUSE CaaS Platform, which allows companies to use Kubernetes to more easily deploy and manage container-based applications and services, and SUSE Cloud Application Platform, which brings an advanced cloud native developer experience to Kubernetes so companies can get applications to the cloud and devices to market faster. These technologies bring security and reliability to any device they run on or manage.

In other words, they will also be making their container technologies available that include the SUSE CaaS Platform, which companies can utilize to deploy and manage container-based apps.

Overall, this will make it easier for companies to enhance security and reliability for their applications on a variety of devices that they potentially manage.

As ZDNet noted, there are already SUSE customer in the pharmaceutical and research space using SUSE Linux Enterprise on their supercomputers (which includes some national laboratories as well) to find solutions to tackle COVID-19.

Wrapping Up

While you can share this amazing news with your friends and family to spread the word about such impressive initiatives being taken by the open-source community in general.

If this is something that is related to your field, you can reach out at to get more details on the offer.

It’s really good of SUSE to come up with such an offer. Everyone of us should do whatever we can do in our own capacity to fight this Coronavirus pandemic. SUSE is a good example here. Thank you, SUSE.

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