Open Source YouTube Alternative PeerTube Needs Your Support to Launch Version 3

PeerTube (developed by Framasoft) is a free and open-source decentralized alternative to YouTube somewhat like LBRY. As the name suggests, it relies on peer-to-peer connections to operate the video hosting services.

You can also choose to self-host your instance and also have access to videos from other instances (a federated network, just like Mastodon).

It is being actively developed for a few years now. And, to take it up a notch, they have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the next major release.

The funding campaign will help them develop v3.0 of PeerTube with some amazing key features planned for the release this fall.

Peertube Instance Screenshot
PeerTube Instance Example

PeerTube: Brief Overview

In addition to what I just mentioned above, PeerTube is a fully-functional peer to peer video platform. The best thing about it is — it’s open-source and free. So, you can check them out on GitHub if you want.

You can watch their official video here:

Note: You need to be cautious about your IP address if you have concerns about that on PeerTube (try using one of the best VPNs available).

PeerTube’s Crowdfunding Campaign For v3 Launch

You’ll be excited to know that the crowdfunding campaign of €60,000 already managed to get 10,000 Euros on Day 1 (at the time of writing this).

Now, coming to the details. The campaign aims to focus on gathering funds for the next 6 months of development for a v3 release planned for November 2020. It looks like a lot of work for a single full-time developer — but no matter whether they reach the funding goal, they intend to release the v3 with the existing funds they have.

In their announcement post, PeerTube team mentioned:

We feel like we need to develop it, that we have to. Imposing a condition stating « if we do not get our 60,000€, then there will not be a v3 » here, would be a lie, marketing manipulation : this is not the kind of relation we want to maintain with you.

Next, let’s talk about the new features they’ve planned to introduced in the next 6 months:

  • Upon reaching the €10,000 goal, they plan to work on introducing a globalized video index to make it easier to search for videos across multiple instances.
  • With 20,000 goal, PeerTube will dedicate one month on improving the moderation tools to make the best out of it.
  • With 40,000 goal, they would work on the UX/UI of playlists. So, it will look better when you try to embed a playlist. In addition to this, the plugin system will be improved to make it easier to contribute to PeerTube’s code.
  • With the end of the campaign reaching 60,000 goal, PeerTube’s live-streaming feature will be introduced.

You can also find the details of their roadmap on their site.

Wrapping Up

The ability to have a global inter-connected video index among multiple instances is something that was needed and it will also allow you to configure your own index.

The content moderation tool improvement is also a huge deal because it’s not that easy to manage a decentralized network of video hosting services. While they aim to prevent censorship, a strict moderation is required to make PeerTube a comfortable place to watch videos.

Even though I’m not sure about how useful PeerTube’s live-streaming feature will be, at launch. It is going to be something exciting to keep an eye out for.

We at It’s FOSS made a token donation of 25 Euro. I would also encourage you to donate and help this open source achieve their financial goal for version 3 development.

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