The New macOS Big Sur Looks Like…Deepin Linux

Deepin Linux has been considered a macOS look alike Linux distribution for a long time. But it seems that design inspiration has taken the full circle here.

The upcoming macOS Big Sur has an uncanny resemblance to the upcoming Deepin Linux version 20.

I am not kidding. See it yourself. This is macOS Big Sur screenshot shared by Apple at WWDC recently:

Macos Big Sur

And this is Deepin desktop version 20:

Deepin Version 20

Both have same kind of application window styling with rounded corners. Emphasis on white background with blue accent. The dock/launcher at the bottom also look similar.

Apple’s macOS Big Sur has new visual approach. They have made the icons bigger. The icons also have plenty of space between them. This is probably their attempt to make macOS more touch friendly.

The new macOS icons also resemble iOS icons. This should give a uniform look to all the operating systems in the Apple ecosystem.

Moving on to Deepin Linux now. The upcoming Deepin version 20 is drop dead gorgeous. The developers have put a lot of focus on the design this time as well. I am not a UI designer so it is difficult for me to put it in correct technical terms. But the new design looks more clean and aesthetic.

Here are some more Deepin 20 pictures to gorge on:

With Deepin, you don’t have to put special efforts to make your Linux system look like macOS.

So, does this mean Apple is preparing a lawsuit against Deepin for ‘copying their design’? Considering that Deepin is based in China, Apple won’t take such action against them. Jokes apart, if Deepin was US-based, it could have been a possibility.

It is difficult to say who is inspiring whom. Like Netflix’s Dark web series, things are going in circle here as well.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if macOS look like Deepin or not. I thought maybe it would be fun little news for the readers to read and smile.

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