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KTorrent: An Incredibly Useful BitTorrent Application by KDE

There are a variety of BitTorrent applications available for Linux. But finding a good application that offers many features should save you some time. KTorrent by KDE is one such BitTorrent app built for Linux. While there are several torrent clients for Linux, I recently found KTorrent interesting for my use-case. KTorrent: Open Source BitTorrent […]

How to Set Up Razer Devices on Linux for Lighting Effects and Other Configurations

You have a shiny new Razer hardware, but you cannot find the Razer Synapse software for Linux. And you end up with no proper RGB sync and do not get to customize it. What do you do? Well, for certain functionalities, like adding macros to your mouse, you will still need access to Razer Synapse […]

Hash Linux: Arch Linux Preconfigured With Xmonad, Awesome, i3, and Bspwm Window Manager

With some effort, you can install Arch Linux. You may also install a desktop environment or windows manager of your choice on your Arch system. That takes some time and effort but it is surely achievable. However, there exists projects that try to ease the pain by providing you a system preconfigured with a desktop […]

With Deskreen, You Can Mirror or Stream Your Linux Computer Screen to Any Device

Screen sharing or screen mirroring apps available out there aren’t that good. Even though most of the dedicated options are only available for Windows/Mac, you may have a tough time finding an open-source solution for Linux. With such an app, you can share your screen with any device connected to your network. If you have […]

RTFM! How to Read (and Understand) the Fantastic Man Pages in Linux

The man pages, short for reference manual pages, are your keys to Linux. Everything you want to know is there – take it all in an run with it. The collection of documents will never win a Pulitzer prize, but the set is quite accurate and complete. The man pages are the primary source and that authority is well-known. […]

Subtitld: A Cross-Platform Open-Source Subtitle Editor

Subtitles make the experience of watching a video seamless. You do not need to necessarily understand the language of the video, the subtitle helps you figure out what’s happening with a text version of the audio in your preferred language. You get subtitles for most of the content in streaming platforms you might have to […]

Comparing Linux Mint and Fedora: Which One Should You Use?

Linux Mint is a popular Linux distribution tailored for beginners while providing a similar experience to former Windows users. In fact, it does a few things better than Ubuntu, which makes it a suitable choice for every type of user. It is completely community-powered, on top of Ubuntu as its base. On the other hand, […]

How to Install Code Blocks IDE on Ubuntu Linux

Code Blocks is an open source IDE written in C++ and ideal for C, C++ and Fortran development. It is cross-platform and runs on Linux, macOS and Windows. Code Blocks is lightweight and fast. It supports workspaces, multi-target projects, inter project dependencies inside workspace. You get syntax highlighting, code folding, tabbed interface, class browser, smart […]