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A Guide to Compiling the Linux Kernel All By Yourself

[*] You may be interested in compiling the Linux kernel yourself, for many reasons. It might be, but not limited to, one of the following: Trying out a newer kernel than what your Linux distribution provides Building the kernel with a different set of configuration options and/or drivers A learner's curiosity 🙂 This guide will […]

4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Customize Budgie Desktop in Linux

If you ask me to make the MATE desktop modernized with added features and GTK support, I may come up with something like Budgie! Budgie is an impressive desktop environment (DE) that provides you with a familiar layout along with a unique user experience. So, how can you customize the Budgie desktop to elevate your […]

FOSS Weekly #23.39: Linux Shortcuts, LMDE 6, New Bazzite Distro and New Announcement

I have been hinting on introducing a 'new feature' in the last few newsletters. The wait (and the suspense) is finally over. Let me announce the quiz section 🎊 No, they are not necessarily school material. They are a mix of puzzles, riddles and trivia questions. They will help you spend your spare time in […]

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