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FOSS Weekly #23.12: GNOME 44 Released, New carbonOS Distro, LUKS and More Linux Stuff

GNOME 44 is out now. The upcoming Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38 will feature this new release. Rolling release distros will offer it sooner than other distros. There are a few new distros that have come up lately. One interesting distribution is carbonOS featured in this edition of FOSS Weekly newsletter. 💬 Let's see what […]

Linux Jargon Buster: What is LUKS Encryption?

Computer security methods are designed to keep private things, well, private. There are many ways to secure a system. Some users use a simple username/password login scheme for basic protection. Other users may use extra protection through encryption in various ways like using VPN and disk encryption. If you have sensitive client data on your […]

Terminal Basics Series #5: View the File Contents in Linux

You learned to create new files in the previous chapter of the Terminal Basics series. In this chapter, you'll learn to read the files. I'll be discussing the most common Linux commands to display the contents of a text file. Before you do that, let's create our 'playground' with sample files. Let's create a directory […]

FOSS Weekly #23.11: Ubuntu 23.04 Features, 2 New Distros, Terminal Basics and More Linux Stuff

Do we need more Linux distros or more Linux users? Perhaps, both. Two new distros announced this week have specific purposes. Ubuntu users would find one of them particularly interesting. 💬 Let's see what else you have this week: Continuation of NixOS and Terminal Basics series Uneven circuit aging is posing a challenge And more […]

How to know if You are Behind a Proxy Server?

What is a proxy? A proxy is a server or software application that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server. It serves as a gateway between the client and the internet and allows users to access online resources while keeping their identity, location, and other personal information hidden. Proxies are often used […]

FOSS Weekly #23.10: Nix Package Manager, DOSBox, GNOME Workspaces and More Linux Stuff

Recently I was notified that It's FOSS was included among the top 50 Raspberry Pi blogs. Wow! That was pleasantly unexpected. Does that mean you'll be seeing more Raspberry Pi resources? Maybe 🙂 💬 Let's see what you have this week: Get familiar with workspaces in Ubuntu Continuation of NixOS and Terminal Basics series Not […]

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