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ProtonVPN on Linux Review: An Open-Source VPN Service for Privacy Minded Users

ProtonVPN is a popular open-source VPN service available for Linux and other platforms that include Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can also set it up for routers. In fact, as far as I’m aware, ProtonVPN is one of the few VPN services for Linux that offer a GUI application. I’ve been using it for […]

How to Know if Your System Uses MBR or GPT Partitioning [on Windows and Linux]

Knowing the correct partitioning scheme of your disk could be crucial when you are installing Linux or any other operating system. There are two popular partitioning schemes; the older MBR and the newer GPT. Most computers use GPT these days. While creating the live or bootable USB, some tools (like Rufus) ask you the type […]

Element: A Cross-Platform Decentralized Open-Source Messaging App

There are many open-source messaging applications available, especially if you are looking for WhatsApp replacements on both desktop and mobile. Element is one of them, which is a decentralized alternative for private messaging that you can use to interact with individuals, communities, or businesses. Element: Privacy-Friendly Open-Source Messenger Built on Matrix Network Matrix is an […]

Fotoxx: An Open Source App for Managing and Editing Large Photo Collection

When it comes to photo management software in Linux, Shotwell is perhaps the most famous of them all. No wonder it comes preinstalled in many distributions. But if you are looking for a Shotwell like application which is a bit faster, Fotoxx could be a good choice. It may not have a modern user interface, […]

How to Convert File Formats With Pandoc in Linux [Quick Guide]

In an earlier article, I covered the procedure to batch convert a handful of Markdown files to HTML using pandoc. In that article, multiple HTML files were created, but pandoc can do much more. It has been called “the Swiss army knife” of document conversion – and with good reason. There isn’t a lot that […]