Beginner’s Guide to Installing Pop!_OS Linux

Brief: Learn to install Pop OS Linux distribution by replacing all other operating systems on your computer. Pop!_OS is the Linux distribution created by System76 and is based on Ubuntu. Since System76 sells Linux-first laptops and desktops, their Linux distribution, even though is based on Ubuntu, provides support for bleeding edge hardware (only if the […]

Seahorse: Manage Your Passwords & Encryption Keys in Linux

Brief: A simple open-source password and encryption key manager app, let’s explore what it has to offer and how you can get it installed. We often tend to ignore many default/pre-installed applications, especially when numerous tools and utilities are baked in. One such helpful tool that you can use on various Linux distributions is GNOME’s […]

Install and Set-up ELK Code Physics Software on Ubuntu

Science becomes extra difficult when you have to work with large numbers, complex equations, or when you need fast calculations. But in the recent years, these problems have been considerably reduced thanks to the computers and more specifically, thanks to the open-source projects focused on bringing a better understanding and experience at the time of […]

How to Install Vivaldi Browser on Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

Brief: Learn how to install Vivaldi web browser on Ubuntu, Debian and several other Linux distributions in this beginner’s tutorial. You’ll also learn about updating it and removing it. Vivaldi is an increasingly popular web browser. It is based on Chromium, so you have Chrome like features, but it adds several other features to give […]

Markets: An Open-Source App to Keep Track of Your Investments for Linux Desktop and Phones

Brief: A Linux app to help you quickly track market movements. Usually, you would log in to a service on your web browser to monitor and track the market for investment opportunities if you’re an investor/trader. But, what if you want an app for your Linux desktop and Linux phone? Considering we do have a […]