The Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case Sucks! Here’s What You Can do to Reduce the Overheating

The Raspberry Pi 4 is an absolute favorite among millions of people, especially in the nerd community, and I’m no exception. But did you know that the Pi throttles without proper cooling? Here, I’m going to describe some serious drawbacks in the Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case and also share some ways to mitigate them. […]

Troubleshooting “Bash: Command Not Found” Error in Linux

This beginner tutorial shows how to go about fixing the Bash: command not found error on Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. When you use commands in Linux, you expect to see an output. But sometimes, you’ll encounter issues where the terminal shows ‘command not found’ error. There is no straightforward, single solution to this […]

How to Install and Setup Flutter Development on Ubuntu and Other Linux

Google’s UI toolkit Flutter is getting increasingly popular for creating cross-platform applications for the mobile, web and desktop. Flutter is not a programming language but a software development kit. Dart is the programming language used underneath the Flutter SDK. Flutter is the main framework behind Google’s open source Fuchsia OS, Google STADIA and many other […]

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on an External USB Drive to Make an Actual, Portable Linux System on USB

Brief: This tutorial shows the steps for actually installing Ubuntu Linux on an external US drive with the bootloader installed on the USB. It is NOT live USB set up. This USB will work as portable operating system and can be used on any computer system. Let me recall a few things. A live USB […]

Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu Linux [GUI and Terminal Methods]

Brief: This beginner’s tutorial discusses both GUI and terminal methods of installing AnyDesk on Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop software available for Linux, Windows, BSD, macOS and mobile platforms. With this tool, you can remotely access other computer using AnyDesk or let someone else remotely access your system. Not everyone can […]

JingPad Review: A Real Linux Tab for True Linux Fans

If you follow Linux news enthusiastically, you might have come across a new name recently: JingOS. It is a new Linux distribution designed for touch devices. It can also be used as a regular desktop operating system on non-touch devices. JingOS JingOS is not the primary product for Beijing based JingLing tech. They have created […]

Pensela: An Open-Source Tool Tailored for Screen Annotations

Brief: Pensela is an interesting screen annotation tool available cross-platform. Let us take a closer look at it. You may have come across several screenshot tools available for Linux. However, a dedicated screen annotation tool along with the ability to take screenshots? And, with cross-platform support? Well, that sounds even better! Pensela: A Useful Screen […]