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FOSS Weekly #23.49: Sudo Tweaks, Ubuntu Starters, Zorin 17, Cinnamon 6 and More

Website UX changes first ✨ There is now a dedicated form page to inform me [...]

7 Sudo Tips and Tweaks for Linux Users

You know sudo, right? You must have used it at some point in the time. [...]

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu

Using Docker means opening a new realm of computing but if you are just getting [...]

5 Most Privacy Focused Web Browsers

For many internet users, a web browser application is what they interact with the most. [...]

Getting Started With Ubuntu

So you are thinking of using Ubuntu? Or perhaps you have already started using Ubuntu? [...]

FOSS Weekly #23.48: New rlxOS Distro, Wave Terminal, Paru 2.0, Data Recovery in Linux and More

A modern Linux terminal I discovered this week took me by surprise. I was not [...]

Change Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu

When you install Ubuntu, you get to choose the keyboard. You may have gone with [...]

FOSS Weekly #23.47: Password Managers, Joplin and Flatpak Tips, Black Friday and More

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family (if you celebrate it) 🦃 While Thanksgiving is [...]

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