Capítulo 1: Creando y Ejecutando tu Primer Script de Bash Shell

Si tienes que hacerlo más de una vez, ¡automatiza! A menudo te encontrarás repitiendo una misma tarea en Linux una y otra vez. Puede ser una simple copia de seguridad de un directorio o podría ser la limpieza de archivos temporales o incluso puede ser la clonación de una base de datos. La automatización de […]

Beyond Bash: 9 Lesser-Known Linux Shells and Their Capabilities

A Shell provides an interface to Linux and Unix-like systems by interpreting commands and acts as an intermediary between the user and the core workings of the operating system. Undoubtedly, the bash shell is the most popular one, and some users prefer other shells like ZSH, which is the default shell in macOS. But many […]

Understanding sources.list in Ubuntu and Debian

I hope you are familiar with the concept of package managers and repositories. A repository is basically a web server that has packages (software). The package manager gets these packages from the repositories. How does the apt package manager know the address of the repositories? The answer is sources.list file. What does sources.list do? It’s […]

How to Enable Tabbed Ribbon Interface in LibreOffice

The ribbon interface in Microsoft Office is a sweet spot for many users. The tabbed ribbon interface groups specific options inside a single tab. Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office It is so popular that almost every Microsoft application has it. Missing the good old ribbon interface of Microsoft Office in LibreOffice? You can achieve similar […]

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